Wellness Concierge

Wellness advisory, self-care planning and in-home sessions with best-in-class wellness professionals 


At the core of our DNA is a personalized approach to self-care. We support clients in creating a personalized plan to optimize body and mind, and we deliver curated in-home fitness and wellness services through best in class professionals.

The Namaste Way

Wellness Professionals

We curate and retain the world's most dedicated wellness & fitness professionals - personal trainers, massage therapists, yoga & pilates instructors, meditation & energy workers, and nutritionists - so you can focus on getting the most from their expertise.

Serving You

Our providers come to your home, office, or hotel - in New York City, Hamptons, Connecticut, LA & SF on your time. 

Optimized Wellness

Our approach is informed by 2 decades of experience in supporting extraordinary individuals and organizations. This in combination with cutting edge research, practices & professionals is why we are the best choice on your wellness journey.
Not sure where to start?

Our one on one wellness plans could be an option. You work directly with a wellness advisor to create an actionable plan to tackle your biggest lifestyle hurdles. Twenty years of wellness experience and innovative modalities combine to support you on your journey to wellness. The path to optimal health for mind and body is one click or text away. 


Time-tested, research-backed & innovative wellness services curated specifically

for you

Namaste is as essential to me as my financial advisor or investment banker. I wouldn't conceive of trusting my finances to chance; it's the same with my health. We have goals, a defined strategy, and a way to get where I want to go... because at the end of the day, what's our most important asset?"

Dave L., Manhattan Client

4 Pillar Philosophy 



Fitness and movement woven throughout our daily lives to cultivate a vibrant healthy expression of strength and flexibility  

Conscious presence through intentional pauses. Reset and restore your nervous system through consistent breath and meditation. 



Instilling connection through physical, emotional and spiritual work. Supporting your recovery through integrative massage and bodywork.

Fulfilled through nutrition, gratitude and focused attention on things that spark joy.  Personalized nutrition education, gut healing and lifestyle goal support.

Your Daily Dose of Wellness
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