I love you

Say I love you to yourself. It may sound cheesy – but it’s powerful, simple and cheap.

I’m playing around with the practice of saying I love you to myself, a lot, throughout the day. It’s a very awkward feeling for me, and I kind of enjoy being hard on myself, but in all my type A yogi-ness, this practice is the release.

It’s those three words as a reference point that bring me to my yoga mat, a nourishing meal, a book, my child’s cuddling arms, the massage table, etc.

This practice is what I need to remind myself of where I come from, and in the end what it’s all about. It softens me and I almost feel shy with myself. But without the release, the contraction is destructive, out of balance. I know that feeling too. But knowing that feeling is what makes me know how sweet the release is.

I’m telling you – this daily practice will be more restorative and transformative than any retreat or fabulous vacation. This is the heart of the matter. Take care of yourself.

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