Before starting Namaste 12 years ago I worked as a clinical social worker with some of the most disenfranchised communities, families and individuals in NYC. Every day was challenging, heart wrenching and stressful. I made very little money and ate a lot of rice and beans. I studied yoga and meditation daily, and read about the subject matter voraciously. I was very very happy. I felt my life had purpose, meaning and connection.

Today I am a mother of three, and I run a family wellness business. We service high performance people and companies who seek to continually actualize themselves on a physical, mental and sometimes spiritual level. We also donate our services to underserved communities. Every day is a juggling act of work and family, inspiration and grind. I am still committed to the study of yoga and meditation. These practices sustain me. My life has purpose, meaning and connection.

There are many many bumps along my road. Like a river, my practice supports me in flowing over those bumps like a river flowing over rocks along its path.

Your life has purpose, meaning, connection and rocky patches too. A steady yoga and/or meditation practice is an incredible tool to enable you to cultivate a quality of attention, which leads to a feeling of connection, meaning and compassion– which is the key to happiness.

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