The Real Deal

Every moment of every day we are swimming around/stuck in the quicksand material that lives inside our minds - our thoughts. These thoughts (fears, desires, obsessions, distractions) are not BAD, they just often take us away from the sweetness or darkness of the moment – even if it’s just the quality of the light, the sound of the hustle, the feeling of pain/growth. You are missing way too much, and so am I. Yoga (and dance, exercise, bodywork, hugging, kissing, etc) brings us into the BODY. When we live in the body we are able to connect to the moment – to be embodied in the highest expression of who we are. Rooting into our body connects us to what’s REAL. That connection to self enables us to connect to others. The combo of those connections – body, self, others – well, that makes us feel really good. And because we can’t always be yoga-ing, dancing, exercising, kissing, etc - we need to learn to live in our minds too. We need to understand our minds so as to be less reactionary; as these reactions turn into patterns that less than serve us. We need to wake up. That’s why we learn to meditate. The more awake and aware we are, the more we understand ourselves, the more we understand others, the more compassion we feel all around. That makes us feel good. We can facilitate your process, and we would be honored to do so. Just press that button below these words and talk to us – I promise it will be very high up there on your list of good moves. At the very least, we connect - and that in and of itself is perfect.

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