We have to start where we are, and we have to ask ourselves questions., “Is my body tense or relaxed?”, “What thought just came through my mind?”, “Am I giving you my partial or full attention?” The answers to these questions help us understand the microcosm of ourselves. Knowledge of self in turn enables us to better understand and be in relationship with our families, friends, community, country, and the world. Engaging in self care practices we create the time and space to look inward and ask questions. We cultivate mindfulness, which eventually spills into every moment. The moment itself, is our home in time. Our pain comes from many places, but often times it comes from the past or the future. When we are home in our bodies, minds and the moment, we have a glimpse of grounded freedom. As a clinical social worked I learned that “meeting people where they are” is the key to relationship, which is the key to healing. So if I come to you with a gong and incense, and you want to cry about your mother on my shoulder, I have just lost you, and the moment, in search of some pretend euphoric “other” moment. Don’t look too far, the answers are close. Our work every day at Namaste is about meeting people where they are (physically, mentally, spiritually) and inspiring self inquiry, self knowledge, self compassion, and ultimately, self love. We are grateful for the opportunity.

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