This evening I am going away for a night and a day to a beautiful setting in CT, to disconnect completely and spend 24 hours with my family uninterrupted by screens + social. No computers or devices for any of us. It has been too long a time since I consciously took this space, and I am both starving for it – and slightly petrified by it. The hunger comes from how fragmented daily life can feel, being pulled in different directions all the time – I yearn for the opportunity/ability to be continuously fully present for my children, my partner, and myself. The fear relates back to my day-to-day responsibility of running a business and mothering 3 kids. I am hyper connected, with many moving parts. It’s not easy to unwind from my usual level of vigilance. But when we hold on too tight – even to something that works for us - we limit ourselves. It’s easy to think we need more in order to be well. And sometimes we do; sometimes we need less. Sometimes we need to let go to make space for something else to arise. In my case - an epic game of monopoly will likely bloom out of the emptiness – but we shall see!

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