The question “what is my purpose?” scares the crap out of me. The ball of energy that is my being – mind, body and soul – what am I really meant to do with this precious embodied life? How do I not get so distracted by fears and desires that I forget to listen, feel and be guided by inspiration? In my late teens / early 20’s I became certain that my purpose was to help people. I love authentic connection, and I have a great deal of empathy. I became a social worker and fell in love with my path as it unfolded. I witnessed pain and joy of all shapes and sizes and came to integrate mind/body exercises, breathing, yoga/stretching and meditation to my work with people. My social work practice nourished me and eventually evolved into a path of supporting people in practices of self care and actualization. This is Namaste. Namaste is an expression of my understanding that yoga, exercise, bodywork and meditative practices help us stay awake. When I get really scared I remember that all I can do is live my purpose moment to moment, by fully showing up with my whole heart and mind, by not falling asleep at the wheel. These moments strung together make a lifetime. Perhaps we don’t need to “know” our purpose, but to “live” our purpose, and the story will take care of itself?

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