Luck and Design

We are all born with predispositions, mentally and physically. That’s our luck or lack thereof. What we choose to add to these raw ingredients, and how we work with them - that’s the design. We are making a work of art, our life. This type of artwork requires getting quiet. We have to tune into the subtlety of our inner eco-system to know what we need - physically, emotionally, professionally, etc. These wise insights can bubble up on a walk, the yoga mat, meditation cushion, even in the car, alone. Usually not on FB, instagram, or the internet in general.:) We may learn that its time to wake up earlier and exercise; that its time to get our ass on the yoga mat; that its time to start saying no; or go dancing more often; that its time to stop drinking that last glass of wine (or first) each night… Sometimes it’s as simple as knowing that we need to get in bed earlier – and leave our devices in the kitchen, or make love more often to nurture our relationship, or stop eating sugar, and/or that we SHOULD treat ourselves to ice cream more often. After we know what we need, we need to love ourselves enough to make it happen. We need to trust that we are here on earth to manifest the highest version of who we are; that the universe is yearning for that beautiful work of art. Lastly, I want to acknowledge our extreme good fortune in even being able to have this discourse, and the freedom to shape our own lives, when such a huge number of people in our world operate in survival mode every day. Sending this your way with deep gratitude - Julie

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