Consider This

I have three awesome children who drive me insane at times. When this happens I feel myself bubbling with anger and frustration (usually at the end of the day when I’m tired/stressed about something else, and they push every button and boundary in sight). I am about to blow! In the moment, I need a release - a channel to push the intensity of my energy through. This release can look really ugly, or I can harness the intensity of my feelings, smack some mindfulness and self-awareness on top (cultivated by my yoga and meditation practice), and correct course. It looks like this (please excuse me if this gets a bit “out there” for some of you): Once I catch myself (its not the second before I lose it, but the moment I feel the real crazies stirring inside me), I literally imagine a beam of love going from my heart, directly to them. It’s “cartoon like” or animated in my visualization. This helps me drop into my heart, and out of the swirling mental and emotional energy in my being. I feel more centered, grounded, and able to handle the disciplinary challenge in front of me. However, I’m not always successful. Sometimes I miss the window for awareness, I don’t catch myself, it’s too late, and I lose it. When I calm down, I apologize for losing it, and beam love. This helps me heal. It gets interesting when I start to play with this energy in the real world. If someone is driving me crazy (be it a taxi driver, incredibly slow checkout person, etc..) The moment I start to hear that negative chatter in my mind, I do the same thing – beam love (or send a positive thought/wish). Kinder words tend to follow. That said, it’s much harder with people I don’t know or love like my babies. That’s why it’s so powerful and so important.

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