When Bad Things Happen To Good People

When I was eleven, my best friend died. As a small girl I learned a big lesson – that bad things happen to good people. In fact, there is a book called “When bad Things Happen To Good People” written by Rabbi Harold Kushner, who lost his own son at a very young age. This Rabbi happened to be from the same neck of the woods I grew up in – so consumed with the question of WHY - I requested an interview. I yearned to make sense of this loss. The Rabbi told my eleven-year-old self that pain as an inevitable part of life. He said that pain is easier when we believe that it’s for the sake of something good - but sometimes pain happens for no good reason. When this is the case, we are left with one thing – how we handle the pain and the lessons that we are able to learn as a result.

Knowing that pain is an unavoidable part of life, we can be creative in how we facilitate our own healing, also as a part of life. Which leads me to the idea that there is much we do not have control over, and, there is much we DO have control over. Our job is to harness the power we DO have, and use it for good, for healing, for growth and evolution.


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