The chakras are powerful energy centers within our bodies. There are seven along the spine from root to crown. They hold energy from our emotional patterns, experiences, the senses, relationships and more. When there is fluidity in the spine and the chakra system, we are more balanced and thriving overall.

One of the most powerful things about movement and meditation practices – yoga, dance, martial arts, Pilates, tai chi, etc.…is that they help us tune into and open the energy of the spine, as well as the chakras. Meditations on the chakra system can also be extremely powerful, especially when done on a regular basis.

The spine is one of the first things that forms in utero and is the core of our being physically and energetically. When there is blockage at the core - it ripples outward, eventually causing illness. These practices wake up vibrant and fluid energy in the spine, which impacts the whole being.

The key is to get curious and explore the best way to move and meditate (and eat) for our own body, mind, lifestyle and goals. We all have a unique formula waiting to be actualized that will enable us to live in a happier, healthier and more embodied way.

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