Hold Space

Holding Space is a word we use a lot at Namaste. It means to be with another person in a non-judgemental, compassionate, and unconditional way. This idea particularly speaks to our work in the realm of yoga, massage and meditation. (With training and Pilates, it’s often more about coaching than holding.) Coaching and holding space are both good and necessary, and the two play together beautifully.

Through the years of my work as a yoga and meditation teacher, as well as clinic social worker, I have held space for my beloved students when they are grieving, having physical pain, anxious about a sick parent or child, getting over a breakup, navigating a challenging relationship, etc. This is what Namaste’s Wellness Pros do every day.

But you don’t need to be a Wellness Pro to hold space - we all hold space for the people in our lives, and need the space held for us too, so we can be and feel utterly real. Who are you most able to safely “be” with, no matter what your state of mind/body? Can the people you care for safely “be” with you?

Sometimes we don’t realize that we are always in coach mode with our kids, spouse, friends, etc., and maybe they need a little holding. And sometimes we are holding the space, and someone needs a push. When we are “present” we are most able to know and feel what the moment calls for.

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