What happens when a wellness advisor, yogi, meditating mom takes her 10-year-old son to his wrestling match? I scream (in a loud low voice to compete with the rather large and tough looking group of dads surrounding me) for him to "be strong, don't give up, you have this, get up, pin him!"

This wrestling stuff is primal and ancient. So too is yoga and meditation. Yin and Yang, yoga and wrestling, soft and hard, dark and light. We need both, or some expression of both, in my opinion. Maybe the Yang is our work-life and the Yin is our family-life…. or the Yang is how tough we have to be in managing a challenging situation, and the Yin is our self-care practice. I think a lot of our pain and suffering comes from a simple imbalance of these two energetic forces.

But when it comes to Yang - as my son’s incredible wrestling coach says - " Work Hard, Keep your head and chin up (literally), and Never quit. The goal is to build self confidence and reliance in ourselves.”

Life lessons boiled down super simple. These kids learn how to lose, how to get beaten down and not give up, how there is nobody to blame for losing, and how to get up and shake hands with the kid that was just lying on top of you pushing your face into the mat.

Because life is not all OM’s and roses, we need strength, endurance, and the resilience to take a hit, or a pin for that matter, and keep going.

PS – My tough but incredibly sweet little guy won 2nd place in his weight class that day. I was proudest how he handled the match he lost, but the wins were pretty cool too.

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