Rip it up

When was the last time you REALLY ripped it up on the dance floor? For some of us the answer is never, others it may be age 5 or 6, some can remember teenage or college years of fun, and some of us do this all the time. I love to dance. It is the only form of cardio that I truly enjoy – but what I really love about it is feeling the energy moving through my body like it’s coming from the inside out. Like the music is dancing ME. For me, dance classes take the cathartic bliss out if it. I am less injury prone and more fulfilled on every level when my moves are an expression of my inner currents. Because my life is not super conducive to nightclubs – and the random wedding, bar mitzvah or birthday party don’t quite do it for me – I’ve taken to my kitchen, blasting my favorite DJs (Tasha Blank and Nickodemus) via soundcloud through my little Bose speaker – and I’m golden. This morning, after I got my kiddos on the school bus, post coffee and pre computer – I let loose in my kitchen and danced my heart out. I followed it with about 15 minutes of yoga and a 10 minute meditation. 45 minutes total I got my cardio, stretch and mind right. Granted – I’ve had these practices in my bones and my heart for years – so I have the foundation to build on. It’s not rocket science, but it does take a certain amount of embodiment and a few simple skills. With just a few Namaste sessions we can help you prioritize self care (because the payoff becomes obvious) and build this foundation so you can dance with your apples and bananas, yoga it up on the kitchen floor, and meditate on your own beating heart.

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