One of my personal go-to lines for years, since starting Namaste and having children, is that “I’m so busy!” It’s true that I have many responsibilities (most of which are also blessings). Therefore, my busyness is not a bad thing. That said... constant busyness - without awareness - can be counterproductive to cultivating meaningful relationships, which is the essence of life, in my opinion. Because my busyness isn’t necessarily going anywhere (although I am learning to say “no” more, which is scary but necessary), I am learning to work with my inner experience moment to moment, which is making me feel less busy, and more deeply connected to the people around me in a meaningful way. Tuning-in with breath and body awareness (as I talked about last week) is helping me shift my experience of time dramatically. My seated meditation practice, yoga practice, and receiving bodywork, is the foundation for this – but the real power happens in the moment that I look into my friends/partners/child’s eyes and see/feel their essence. Everything seems to slow down. Then in the next moment I feel my heart start to race a bit because my of my "to do" list. Because of the moment prior, I know that my "to do" list is not what defines me. It’s the connection I felt the moment before, that defines me. I have perspective, and it takes away the power of the "to do" list. It makes me value, crave and create those moments of connection. I articulate this because I believe that this practice of awareness helps us shift from a reactive mind to a more generative mind, from narrow to expansive. The first step to this is being present and connected in the moment we are in. And by being present, we can respond to our environment in a conscious way; we can feel at any given moment that our body, where our deepest wisdom lies, is saying “yes” or “no” to whatever is in front of us. This practice not only makes the moment-to-moment more expansive, and our relationships more meaningful, it helps us edit our lives (and therefore our calendars) from a deeper place of knowing. If we can help me with this – we can help you too. :)

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