Cycles and Circles

There is a lot going on right now, and my day passed. I am just getting to this practice of writing now, later than most Fridays. I started getting stressed out about it earlier today, and then I realized, that it doesn’t really matter. Are you stressing out about anything that doesn’t really matter? Don’t be a sucker to your perfectionism. Everything exists in cycles and circles. Relationships, moods, routines, energy – All of these experiences exist on the wheel of our lives and the wheel goes round and round, smooth and bumpy, dark and light. It’s the weather. It’s natural. I think knowing this helps us ride the constant fluctuations and have a deeper sense of trust in the biorythm of it all, including other people. And it makes us less scared of pain because we understand it along the continuum, or as part of the cycle. We get injured, and we rest. We get strong again, and we thrive. The knowing and understanding of the cyclical nature of things enables us to stay centered in the movement, which I think is important. It doesn’t mean we don’t seek to optimize all around the wheel. And sometimes optimizing is a good cry, tons of sleep or restorative yoga. The earth needs rainy days and so we.

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