Where You Are

At Namaste, our intention and practice has always been to "meet our clients where they are". That is where the journey begins, that is how we develop relationship and trust- that is where the strengthening/healing/nurturing/inspiring magic happens. Whether our clients are thriving, anxious, busy, ambivalent, depressed, healthy, sick, resistant, tight, hyper, spiritual, physical.... we create an experience that will meet them right there – and enable them to manifest greater balance and well being. It looks different every day, every person, every time. (Which is why we haven’t built an app:) I believe this same principle applies to our relationship with ourselves. We need to meet ourselves where we are. And while ritual and routine is important – it’s not healthy to be on autopilot. Every day we need to be as embodied as we can to answer the self-navigation questions on a moment-to-moment basis. Do I want coffee, or do I feel fine without it? Do I want to run on the treadmill, or do I really need to stretch? Do I need to sleep a little later this morning because my body needs rest – or do I need to see the sunrise? The idea is - pay attention. And pay attention to when you are not paying attention – as that IS paying attention! Take care of your body and your mind and the people around you this weekend…. and happy spring! With Love, Julie

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