In the Mess

Sometimes things need to get messy in order for the beauty and the clarity to arise. When we are in the mess we are in the heart of the work - that’s where the masterpiece is born. Somewhere in the process from mess to masterpiece things get clearer, cleaner, more vivid and focused. We have to trust the mess. The brilliant painter’s hands and studio are dirty. A good preschool where children are blossoming has toys off the shelves and art materials everywhere; my most joyous visual of my baby girl is her walking to the kitchen slider with her whole body full of mud and a huge smile – to this day she calls herself a “nature girl”. A huge part of her passion and identity were born out of that extreme mess. Plus… it was fun. As grown ups, the mess isn’t always fun. Things in our lives get out of order, confusing, too busy, not focused, etc. Through the practice of returning to ourselves via yoga, cooking, meditation, exercise, a long walk, time with the people we love – we get clear. Like pre school art – life is more about the process than the product. That means that things need to get messy sometimes. Let’s make sure we are not too busy cleaning up that we forget to be in it.

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