The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point If we had bloodwork drawn to examine our genetics we would find that we are predisposed to a wide variety of terrifying ailments. We are also predisposed to the potential for health, vibrancy, achievement, love, etc. The ecosystems of our internal and external worlds – the ingredients in our bodies/environments – have a huge impact on what manifests in reality. I have an autoimmune disease that I am genetically predisposed to, that was triggered by a very stressful situation about 10 years ago. I was fine before the mice infested my apartment when I had a newborn – but after the mouse birth in my living room, my skin started to itch and bleed and my joints began to hurt. The mice invasion was my tipping point as a new mom – and once my disease was triggered, even though we moved, the symptoms did not go away. Patterns are stubborn by nature. I had to shake things up in as many ways that I could think of – pull different levers to see how my body/mind would respond. I tried a lot, but after I dramatically changed the way I was practicing yoga and the way I was eating, my autoimmune disease went away within a few months. It was 7 years after the onset, 3 years ago. How are the ingredients in your ecosystem (your rest, work, play, food, stillness, movement, relationships) impacting your experience of your life, inside and out? I speak with clients every day who have been tipped, or are close to the tipping point – where unbearable stress, back pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, weight gain, disease, etc. is looming or has arrived. I also speak every day with people who are actualizing their own potential and finding balance in their lives with tools that help to manifest the optimal environment for growth, peace and well being. There is a lot we can’t control, and there is a lot we CAN control. Our intention at Namaste is to be both the road map and the tool to enable people to steer their bodies in the direction they must and need and want to go.

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