Momentum Mojo A very smart and successful friend of mine once told me that success has a lot to do with momentum. I feel the power of momentum (and lack thereof) in every area of my life - exercise, meditation, my work life, relationships. I've been in a good groove lately - but producing that groove felt like moving mountains not so long ago. I see this with so many clients - once they get started with a positive pattern in their lives, they cant stop. What at first feels impossible becomes non-negotiable. If fitness and wellness is the focus, they become "addicted" to feeling strong and supple and balanced and less stressed. They have less tolerance for feeling unwell - and their behavior is representative of this. This supports the idea that feelings follow actions. If we act in alignment with our intentions, regardless of how we "feel", consistent actions will perpetuate the feelings necessary and then we have momentum. Momentum feels so takes the edge off the inevitable hard work. Consistency (and cultivating momentum) with self care can be tricky during summertime with travel and socializing and kids in the mix.... but that burger or glass of wine tastes so much better knowing we've moved that day. And that movement feels so much better after a good nights sleep (and a good nights sleep is so much better because of the movement). Its a beautiful cycle that is perpetuated by consistent action. The trick is to begin (and repeat). Before not too long you'll feel a little bit of glide in your ride...and the results you are looking for too. Have a beautiful weekend!

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