Just Say No (Yes)!

Just Say No (Yes!) I have talked about this in the past - but I think its a topic worth delving into again. I hate saying “no", which does not come naturally or easily to me. I want to meet the world with a giant YES! I like to connect, I like to please. This quality is a strength - in that I am keen for just about anything and love to experience the world through the lens of open arms... which is a nice way to feel. However, this is also an obstacle in many ways. As a result, I have had to develop acute awareness in navigating my day to day. Without awareness, this lovely habit of Yes would surely have me (and indeed has had me) in an overwhelming mess. This tendency gets in my way when I need to stay focused on my intentions, goals and actualizing my purpose - which, by the way, is to raise three healthy children with all my heart and soul, bring wellness into the lives of as many smart, busy new yorkers as possible, help them to actualize well being and greater awareness, and have a positive impact on the world as a result. It is also problematic when trying to raise grounded, resilient children, of course. Saying No can be hard - but as I have said in the past - each time we say No to something, we are saying Yes to something else. So watch your Yes’s and No’s carefully. This weekend when you say Yes to that third glass of wine, you may be saying No to that early morning workout. And in kind, when you say Yes to your yoga practice, you are saying No to back pain, etc… My personal practice (which includes yoga and meditation) has served me well as far as maintaining awareness regarding the ripple effect of Yes and No. That few minutes of meditation - looking into the internal mirror so to speak - helps me see where I am, what I need, and what I don’t need. It sets the stage for continued awareness throughout the day so as not to be on autopilot with my choices. We all want to live our lives awake and on purpose. So get hip to the jive that it’s summer holiday weekend time - time to say YES to family, friends, playtime and you-time. Ditch the phone, take a beach walk, feel your breath, and be grateful for your choices. Happy Fourth!

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