All Around

All Around Writing these reflective emails each week is a privilege and a luxury - I know that and I feel that. So many people are suffering at this exact moment - whether its receiving treatment for cancer, living in an oppressive country or culture, battling physical and/or emotional abuse at home - there is endless pain all around. Awareness of this pain all around can be uncomfortable, but ultimately leads to a greater sense of connectedness. Connection feels good because it is good. Slowing down to experience what we actually feel- physically, mentally and emotionally - is a practice of tuning in, of becoming more embodied. Practicing yoga, meditation, prayer, ritual are all ways to connect to this more embodied/less blocked experience of ourselves. But why really? Once we are able to really feel, because we are awake to both our inner experience and the outer reality - we are moved to help. That is where embodiment morphs into compassion and action. And our responsibility is to get to that place of action. So, our responsibility is to slow down and feel what's happening within and around us. That’s the beginning. We have a lot of work to do on this planet.

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