Gardeners of Light

Gardeners of Light Our internal world is our playground and our haunted house, both. Like the universe, there is dark and light, movement and stagnation. Learning to work with our internal world as a tool to manifest our experience of our external world is vital. Through affirmations, mantra, guided visualization and meditation and yoga we can be the landscape architects of our internal yard. Exercise will impact the internal landscape of our hearts and minds as well – but only if we are moving our bodies to cultivate greater vitality and well being - and not coming from a place of self destruction. So – maybe its greenery we need, or maybe its flowers – what we need to shape our internal world is different depending on who we are. And our hands can get pretty dirty in the garden. But the purpose is to make more light in this world. It’s this very same light that oozes out of us and impacts the world around us. We are gardeners of light. That is our job to do in any which way we can – at home, at work, locally, globally… Every morning we are faced with the opportunity to evolve, whatever that means to us. The evolution of our planet depends on us. But sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin, and sometimes the darkness needs to get pretty pitch black for us to move and get creative with our internal landscape. There are no cookie cutter answers here…. it’s a great work of art called life. Have a stunning weekend inside and out.

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