The Edge

The Edge Many years ago, when I was in yoga teaching school, I learned all about developing a relationship with my "edge". My teacher would encourage us to "find our edge, and breathe there." The edge is that place you want to leave, that is perhaps uncomfortable, and a little scary or anxiety provoking. In yoga - people find their edge in their hips, hamstrings, and other hot spots around the body. We breathe, and learn to be with the sensations that we may want to avoid if left to our pleasure seeking selves. As a result we evolve, moving through physical and mental barriers that may be limiting. And while yoga can be challenging, the edges we find on our mat are just "practice" for life's "real" edges. Like the edges we confront in relationships with parents, children and partners, or the big life edges like having babies, taking a career leap of faith and dealing with loss. The edge is being real with someone you love when you think they are not acting with integrity, or selling themselves short. The edge is parenting, setting limits(for me), and actually going for your dreams. The edge is real, and we need to breathe. Have a stunning summer weekend.

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