A Thin Line

A Thin Line The line between pain and growth is thin. The question is - are we are willing to walk that line, eventually cross that line, and do the work that can turn darkness into evolution. Pain can look like stress, physical ailments, relationship problems, financial struggles and endless other life scenarios. Suffering is part of life, and along with the resistance that comes with pain, comes opportunity for breakthrough. These opportunities for growth are not always what we are looking for or hoping for - but they present themselves along our path whether we are in the mood or not. It's important to resist the urge to label things good or bad, as we never know what is coming next. Our biggest challenges can land us in the heart of our finest moments. LIfe is complex, and we must embrace that understanding. A meditative practice of any kind helps us face the full spectrum of what life delivers with a quality of presence and openness. It is this spaciousness that gives way for deeper understanding and also a deeper sense of peace. It also helps us actually see the constant beauty that weaves itself in an around so many of life's moments- challenging or not. Sending love your way and hopes for enough challenge to inspire growth, enough ease to regain the strength we need to face it all, and enough presence to soak it all up. This is it people.

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