I'm a client too

I'm a client too I have an innate drive to take care of others. Sometimes taking care of myself feels less natural (we could psychoanalyze - but been there, done that. :) Self-care is a learned behavior for me. It's something I have to practice and prioritize daily. I'm in the Hamptons for what will be a super fun and extremely busy weekend packed with Namaste events. I know I will come home inspired and wiped out from it all. This morning as I was driving out east, a thought popped into my head - "I should text Namaste's booking team to schedule a Sunday night massage for me!” I immediately felt better – more than 48 hours before my massage – just knowing it’s on the way. After over a decade of caring for people, in the last few years I have finally learned how important it is to take care of myself as well. As I like to say - "we teach best what we are learning ourselves". Sending love your way, and a reminder to take care of yourself by cultivating balance in your life. All the work, fun, stress, striving, doing, partying and stimulation must have another half. That half – the self-care half - is the difference between utter depletion and abundant possibility born out of a thriving inner ecosystem.

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