Look up

On this day there is joy and there is pain. The weather on the inside is not always aligned with the seasons, and at times in the most beautiful of places we can feel quite ugly. But that’s the funny thing about life - its the weather on the inside that always determines our true experience moment to moment. The great news is that we have a lot of control over the internal weather patterns. We have tools that impact our inner experience, and sometimes we need pain to motivate us - to learn tools and to shift. Whether we are at rock bottom or not, embedded in most evolution is a degree of friction. We have to crawl through it, bust through it, drag ourselves out of it - to get to the other side. This is where the notion that “pain is our teacher” comes from. Usually we feel a little (or a lot) scared - and that fear motivates. At Namaste our interest is in helping people with the internal weather. We work with people from the inside out - supporting people to dwell in the best shape of their lives - mentally, physically and emotionally. I have seen countless people move from an uncomfortable but safe-ish place at the bottom - to a bright, inspired and courageous place at the top.

As anyone who has had to overcome anything significant will tell you - it’s one day at a time. Each day is an opportunity to shift the status quo on every level. What are you going to do today to RISE? What are you NOT going to do to avoid sinking? Marinate on that question…..look up, and GO.

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