Action Jackson As a friend of mine said this week – "it feels like the world is on fire". Given everything that's going on – it's hard to know where to begin - but I will begin here.

This week a classmate of mine from high school outed another classmate as a serial rapist. She told the world on Facebook that this teenage boy (now man) had raped her, and within 24 hours nine other classmates of mine came foreword and said that they were raped by the same individual in high school.

Twenty-five years after sitting with and healing from the pain and anger that was left in the wake of this young man's assault, my classmate had the voice to come forward and speak about what had happened. Her action has led to a stream of actions and greater awareness - parents are having real conversations with their sons about the word "No" and the importance of treating every human being with respect.

Action is often times outside of our comfort zone. Whether it's with parenting, politics, our health and wellness, work life, or relationships – doing what moves the needle is not easy. But as they say – at the end of the day, nobody cares what you wanted to do or say – the only thing that matters is what you actually did do and say in this precious lifetime.

So let's put one foot in front of the other no matter how heavy, sad, tired, distracted or overwhelmed our minds and legs may feel - and take action. Whether is micro or macro, personal or political - feel the flame underneath your bottom and move it - whatever your "it" might be.

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