Leaving it all on the field.

When I was growing up my brother was (and still is) a great athlete, and my dad, (who was also a great athlete in his time) was a stand-out coach. I wasn’t a jock - more of an athlete in the game of living and to speak.

One expression that we used a lot in my childhood home was 'she/he left it all out on the field', meaning they gave it every last ounce of self and skill with no regrets. Playing hard and putting out effort to the maximum degree was celebrated - not the outcome of the game. This expression was also used in day-to-day activities, and still is. When my parents take care of all their grandchildren, running around all day long, exhausted by the end of the day - they proudly say they 'left it all out on the field'. It is the playing and the giving that brings the joy and reward. It’s the verb that matters.

One thing that I have been working on for years is that balance between being goal-oriented and 'going for it’, while at the same time, letting go, being in the moment, and releasing the need for a specific outcome.

Going for it, and letting go - how do we try our hardest and surrender at the same time?

I had a moment of clarity this morning. It’s about leaving it all out on the field, and having 'faith' or trust in the outcome, the order of the universe, g-d, or whatever term you fancy. The joy comes from the play and the hard work, the giving, the verb. The reward comes from the ability to enjoy the process, to ‘let go', and to trust in our own ability to navigate whatever the outcome is. We work to embody this with self respect and reverence, both. Xx Julie

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