Meet: Mel, Personal Trainer

Introducing our Wellness Pro Spotlight Series, where we get to share with you a little bit about the experts behind it all.

Our first Spotlight is Mel, a lifelong athlete with over 20 years experience as a motivator and fitness professional. In addition to being certified by the American Council on Exercise for Personal Training, she lends her talents as a Firefighter/EMT in Fire Island. She believes that fitness should be fun and diversified, and not restricted by physical limitations. Her speciality is developing programming that promotes a healthy mind and body, with a focus on overcoming obstacles. She strives to incite new ways of thinking about health and wellness, breaking away from classic methodology and innovating at every opportunity. She's a “you are stronger than you think" type of trainer with a focus on strong form who will push you to your limits, watch you rise to the challenges and accomplish things you didn't think possible.

Namaste: What's your favorite self-care routine? How do you unplug and find balance each day? Mel: A great workout behind me, I feel my best and happiest and I'm ready to unplug. The most zen times are the simple nights, spent alone at home with my partner and one of her home cooked meals, one of my specialty cocktails and some great music playing. Singing and dancing around with her and my two puppies Charley and Jaxson, my diffuser infusing the air with a relaxing blend of essential oils. Now thats nirvana. Namaste: What does 'Namaste' mean to you? Mel: Namaste to me is the ultimate symbol of peace. It's a sense of calm. Its an acknowledgment of respect to another and for one another. Namaste: What's your advice to clients who know they need to start a training routine, but don't know where to start?

Mel: When I begin working with clients, I speak to them about their health and fitness goals. I feel a deeper conversation needs to happen as well. Not only when training begins, but throughout the time I work with a client. It's a relationship. I want to understand their hopes and fears and specifically why he or she might feel lost or discouraged. This information will help me plan workouts in ways that chip away at their source of putting off their health. It's not always about the "problems." Keep it simple and don't ever think it. What are your strengths and what do you love? Maybe you fell out of your routine, forgive yourself and start again. You can always, always, always start again. Don't dwell on what you can no longer control. More importantly if you don't know where to start... call Namaste :)

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