Baby Steps

I received an email from a client this morning describing the way she feels. She explained that her pattern is to put everyone else’s needs before her own. She is stressed and having sleeping difficulty. With every ingredient for a beautiful, blessed and happy life, she’s not ok.

This is a story we hear a lot.

Our work is to support her on the journey of finding herself again - and a more nourished, balanced place in her life.

We start with baby steps.

Self care is a relationship and a journey. Finding small ways to nourish ourselves enables us to organically cultivate a more lush internal landscape in a sustainable way. See what feels like the lowest hanging fruit, and start there.

Here are a few of my own favorite, simple ‘self care’ go-to’s:

  • A bath or long hot shower - simple, but always helps.

  • Self massage - feet, neck, legs - they will love you.

  • Journaling - keep it on your nightstand with a nice pen.

  • Drinking tons of water - it seems obvious, but most of us don’t drink enough.

  • Finding a moment of stillness over a cup of hot tea - I do this every day.

  • Moving every day (not necessarily ‘working out’) - a few minutes to stretch, or a walk outside.

  • Mindful moments sprinkled throughout the day - when the chime goes off on my phone I take a deep breath, feel my feet on the ground, and think of something I am grateful for. Saves me everyday.

  • Touch. I hug my family and linger there, I get massage and bodywork whenever possible, I make love to my husband.

  • Tech-free time in the morning and the evening - when the sun goes down, it’s time to power down.

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