What is... Nutrition Coaching?

For the month of March we’ve introduced you to one of fabulous Nutrition Coaches, Lauren, here, walked you through Julie’s personal food journey here, and even sent you to the grocery store with Julie’s grocery list here. But you may be thinking, what truly IS Nutrition Coaching? What can I expect, and more importantly, how can this benefit me?

Nutrition Coaching is more than just handing you a list of what you can and cannot eat. At Namaste, our coaches don’t limit you to a one-time conversation with a hand-off workout and nutrition plan - it’s so much more. It’s an ongoing relationship, between you, your body, and your coach. Your coach listens to you. Listens to what you want to change (or maintain) about your life, your body, and your health. They cultivate a human connection and are a steady source of support throughout your own food journey.

Through this connection, our coaches work with your to define (and achieve!) your goals. Whether it be improving your energy and mood, making peace with your relationship with food, kicking sugar to the curb - for good, or beating bloat, our coaches meet you where you are and guide you through to where you want to be.

No quick fixes, no fad diets. It’s a lifestyle change - a lasting change.

Sometimes new clients get a taste for how challenging it can be to make even slight changes in their eating habits, hold that plank for 30 seconds longer, or take and extra hour out of their week to practice yoga. But not to worry, our coaches have a way of inspiring, during each and every session so that you want to work harder. They know how to set that inner fire.

With Nutrition Coaching, you can make the decision to change your relationship with food and nourish yourself in a balanced and sustainable way. When’s a better time to start than now?

As always, we meet you where you are. To start your own food journey or revive your current one, click here.

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