The Movement Practice

I have never belonged to a gym in my life, but I love to move, sweat, play, breathe and exercise this one precious body that is mine. My needs change and evolve daily, monthly and seasonally.

I need to sweat and strengthen through strength and interval training; open, engage and breathe with yoga; burn at the barre; refine with Pilates; release with boxing - or just stretch and be stretched - for mind and body. How I sculpt my training/movement plan is impacted by the season, my state of mind and body, my specific goals, stage of life, and of course - my schedule.

My needs are my own.

Just as your needs are your own.

At Namaste we meet you where you are and go on a fitness and wellness journey together. We solve for consistency and variety, and for reaching big goals and small goals while staying balanced in the process. We believe in healing and strengthening at the same time - we believe that “training” is really just the movement practice that will best support you where you are, today.

We've redefined Personal Training to make it actually personal.

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