Motherhood: The Balance

Finding the balance between being a fully present parent and working full-time can be a difficult one.

As a mother, my first strategy is to realize that balance is not stagnant, stillness or permanence. The nature of balance is small fluctuations and the return to center again and again. If you picture yourself standing on one foot (in tree pose for example), there is a subtle movement or swaying back and forth - its doesn't mean you fall down because you are swaying, its about riding that movement without freaking out. And sometimes we fall down. This is all to say that we never really arrive, it's just a continual process of balancing the demands.

Concretely speaking, what helps me continually return to center are a few things:

1. I have accepted the fact that I need to workout at 6 am if I am going to exercise - and it's not always an hour, and it's not every day. I have to let go of needing to be perfect. My goal is 3x week. I meditate for 20 minutes every morning either before my workout or after a few minutes of stretching and breathing.

2. Time blocking on Sunday nights - I look at my calendar for the week and determine what days work for exercise, when I need to say no to meetings or calls because being with my kids is a priority, and taking an hour/week for coffee or lunch with a friend keeps me feeling like a human being.

3. I unplug from 6pm - 9pm (I have a middle schooler), and focus 100% on my family. I do any clean up of my email /workday from about 9-9:30 or 10 the latest, and then try to chill out with my husband a bit before bed. My bedtime is 10:30. Oh - and I plug my phone in the kitchen at night and have an old school alarm clock - both for myself and for good modeling.

Just remember, what works for me, may not be the exact schedule that works for you, and that's okay! It's all about finding what works for YOU.



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