Your Sunshine Partner

We devote our days (and nights!) to delivering “the goods” to our clients in the form of bespoke fitness and wellness plans and experiences. We “know” we are spreading goodness far and wide, but every once in a blue moon a client will send a photo of her husband in crow, with two little munchkins on yoga mats on either side, and we “feel” the goodness on a whole other level. And we can't thank you enough for that.

Sweet Namaste, let me count the ways we spread summertime love at the beach...

Weekend morning yoga on the lawn with the kiddos.

Tandem Sunday evening massage with your love, amen.

A wedding or bachelorette party at the beach - Did someone say mimosa yoga?

Personal training at home (and skipping the traffic).

Private yoga with assisted stretching because your body is screaming at you from your spin bike.

Thai Massage poolside because it’s time to slow down and breathe and stretch.

Mindfulness meditation for your teenager because they need a toolkit for the year ahead.

And the list goes on.

We are grateful for the opportunity to be your partner in Sunshine.

xx, Julie

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