Meet: Amy Ling Lin, Founder & CEO of sundays Nail Studio

Let’s start from the beginning. What is sundays Nail Studio?

sundays is all about helping people to live well through our range of wellness-inspired nail care products and services. Born in NYC, we have three Manhattan studios serving up relaxing treatments in serene surroundings, and our own range of ‘10-free’ nontoxic polishes in super-chic shades. (‘10-free’ means free of the 10 harmful chemicals found in most nail polish brands.) We try to bring an added wellness element to the nail experience, like a guided meditation while you mani, inspirational books to read while you wait, and that every client is given a small card containing a positive message before they leave!

What inspired you to open sundays? Working in a salon for so many years, I began to realize and question what actually goes into the products that not only the clients use, but the staff are exposed to everyday. They were full of toxic chemicals and were damaging to everyone's health. I wanted to change that. It shouldn't be that way - no one should have to sacrifice their health for beauty. I also wanted to change the perception of nail salons, they shouldn't be a place you rush in and out of, but a space where you can chill out and spend time, knowing what you're doing benefits your entire mind, body and soul.

What is your favorite treatment and why? The Signature Manicure with Deep Hydration Pedicure! In the manicure, it's 25 minutes and gives me everything I need - light cuticle work, relaxing massage, and a beautiful color to finish. The Pedicure treatment just feels so good! Part of it contains a hot stone massage, something practiced a lot in China (where I'm from). I spend a lot of time on my feet, sometime in shoes with a heel, so my arches do get sore from time to time, and the massage just feels so good and relaxing. It's just the best. I recommend it to everyone who's on their feet a lot!

What's YOUR favorite self-care routine? I love to go for walks. You can go for a walk wherever and whenever, you don't need any fancy equipment, just yourself. It helps me to focus on the moment, beyond whatever I'm thinking about. It helps me clear my mind, and it's a really accessible thing to do at anytime.

How do you unplug and find balance each day? As I mentioned, going for walks is really important to me. I'm so lucky that there are so many cool parks in New York City. You're totally immersed in a bustling city, but then seconds later you can be in a beautiful park surrounded by nature. I gain more energy just by observing people there. If life is feeling too much for me at anytime, I just take a few minutes and go for a walk. Or at nighttime, after looking at screens all day, I listen to some guided meditation music before I go to sleep. That really helps me unplug.

What does Namaste mean to you? In Chinese culture, it's a way to show gratefulness and show respect to each other, which I personally think is very important. That's what it means to me!

What appointment would you recommend for a first-timer? I would recommend either the Signature Manicure or our Recharge Manicure. The Recharge Mani is a quick manicure, but covers your basic needs and leaves you with a beautiful looking set of nails. But, if you'd like to get the full sundays experience with some added pampering - from soaking to massage and everything in between - I would recommend the Signature Manicure treatment.

How does sundays play into a holistic wellness routine? At sundays, we see nail care as self-care. It's about so much more than how you look, but how you feel also. It's like therapy for people, and a trip to our studio is good not only for your nails, but your mind too - especially if you get our Guided Meditation option. Our non-toxic products and services reenforce the health/wellness aspect to the whole experience. And, I know the whole 'wellness lifestyle' that we see so much of these days can be quite daunting for people, they don't know where to begin, but your nails is a great place to start. It's a simple step to take in pursuing your own personal wellness routine.

Sundays was kind enough to partner with us over on our Instagram account (@namastenewyork) to give away to one lucky person one of Amy’s favorite treatments, the Rose Extract Anti-Aging Pedicure! The giveaway will be live from Monday, July 30th and go through Wednesday, August 8th.

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