The Laboratory

Twenty years ago, I was working as a clinical social worker up in the Bronx by day, and teaching yoga and meditation on Park Avenue in the early morning and night.

Day after day, week after week I was amazed at the findings of this experience. The people I met, the rich and the poor, were all pretty much the same. Equally happy and equally in pain, worrying about their children, marriages, substance abuse and health. In some cases, the poor were seemingly in better shape - they were resilient beyond, and their expectations of life protected them from disappointment and frustration. But of course, at the end of the day it was really the perspective and attitude of the human beings themselves, not their material wealth or lack thereof, that defined their well being. Some were born with a positive outlook, it was their nature. Others worked hard to cultivate this attitude as they were determined to love their precious life - these people fascinated me. They were dedicated to our work together, and to working on their “inner wealth”. This dedication in and of itself made people happy.

I ended up teaching a lot of yoga and meditation to my psychotherapy clients in the Bronx and being a shrink to my yoga students on the upper east side. I would go home to my own upper west side apartment and process the findings of my day through long walks in the park, journaling, my own yoga practice and talking with my love and life partner, Michael. It was out of this laboratory that Namaste was born. The idea was, and still is - that we help individuals cultivate an inner landscape of energy, strength and wisdom. Thank you for the opportunity to live this purpose.

With love and gratitude,


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