Disconnect to Reconnect

I am on flight with my family heading home from a two-week adventure. We set the intention to disconnect from everything and focus our gaze 100% on each other for this period of time. Kids left devices at home, email auto responses were in place - we needed a family retreat. It was time to create and hold a space for us, to throw it back to simpler times.

Michael and I started the journey of Namaste about 15 years ago and all the while we have been raising three children and navigating work/life balance as many of us do. Because of our natures and the nature of our business - work and family have been intertwined, for better and worse. Namaste has always been much more than a business, but an extension of ourselves, our desire to help people, and a vehicle to meet extraordinary human beings - both our clients and the gifted wellness professionals in Namaste’s network.

It is with passion and dedication that we do our work, and it is with complete love and devotion that we raise our family. But, it’s always a juggling act of epic proportions, and it has been a very long time since we really disconnected from Namaste and focused entirely on our personal world.

We were scared to let go, but we did it. We spent the past few weeks trusting in our incredible team, and resting our attention on each other. It felt as therapeutic and nourishing as any self care practice.

We rediscovered feelings, played cards, sang and danced, took beach walks, fought a little, deprived our kids of screens and internet, but indulged them in ice cream and attention. It was exactly what our family needed, and the funny thing is - I think Namaste needed some space from us too. It needed to roll without mom and dad, it needed some independence.

As we soak up these last few weeks of summer, let us all remember (myself included!) that like our work, our email, our projects and any other ‘practice’ - faces and hands and hearts need our full attention.

With love and gratitude,


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