This Precious Life

We will not live forever, this is certain. Moment by moment, day by day, every breath is a precious gift and every time we make the choice to smile we are connecting to the magic of this gift called life. It’s so easy to fall asleep and walk through the journey forgetting - it’s so easy that it scares the sh*t out of me. We feel ourselves slip into a waking sleep of stress, fear, comparison or confusion and while it may seem like the nav is taking us down that road, we are actually lost.

Recently, my daughter and son were singing a song and playing the ukulele for the extended family. Every time they got to the third verse they started uncontrollably cracking up for no reason other than that they were utterly alive and connected in that moment. While I wanted them to perform their beautiful song in its entirety, seeing and feeling their massive uncontrollable smiles and the channel of laughter flowing through their bodies felt like a healing experience. Lifeforce filled the room and their giggling selves landed me in the precious moment of sparkling eyes and big belly breaths.

As ‘grown ups,’ we are prone to developing blocks to this type of energy. Our worries and preoccupations act as dams - blocking the flow of the sillies and other uncontrollable urges that land us squarely in our humanity. Some friends, family and self care practices help us clear those blocks - the people who make us want to laugh, make love, play, run, kiss, hug and breathe deeply. Falling asleep is part of the journey, as it gives us the opportunity to wake up. Let’s prioritize the people and the moments that open our eyes, our smiles and our hearts - put down the nav that is getting us lost, and actually live.

I hope you all enjoy these beautiful last moments of summer.

With love and gratitude,


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