Re-Entry, A Walk in the Park

I had a powerful re-realization this summer - we have a choice. We have entered September and have officially landed in the ‘school year’ with calendars, emails, texts pinging, activities and appointments - it is literally constant. But the decision to engage constantly is entirely ours. Just because there is news on the radio doesn’t mean we have to listen. We choose where we place our attention and which station we tune into - day by day, moment by moment. We are the creators, and sometimes we forget (or at least I forget) that we are blessed to live in a free world where our lives can be a work of art. My personal mantra this month is ‘Choose Joy’. It doesn’t mean I won’t feel pain or get my work done, but I am taking pause as often as I can. Can I make this moment more beautiful? This morning I had a business meeting in Central Park. It was a walk and talk meeting with a big thinker and potential partner from a very large firm. It could have been in a conference room, but it wasn't. I love that choice. It feels joyful. And while sometimes we need to be sitting at a desk, sometimes we don’t. Self-care practices can help us remember to pause and make a choice because they themselves are a pause and a choice. We set the intention for this pattern just by taking a conscious breath. This is where the art begins.

With love and gratitude,


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