Take a Walk

My husband and co-founder, Michael, walked for 17 days alone in the woods, hiking the Appalachian trail. He camped each night, mailed dry goods to local post offices in rural CT towns and didn’t take a shower, look at a screen, or talk to anyone other than other hikers and passersby. This experience taught him the power of a walk - on mind, body, and soul. Scientists have learned the same. Research has shown that we think better when we are walking due to increased blood and oxygen in the brain. Brain Superfoods, made of specific proteins and chemicals, get released when walking, resulting in our bodies thriving in this type of movement. Walking connects us to nature, to each other, and to our breath and our bodies. Since our children were babies, Michael and I have taken them day hiking, on dusk walks around the neighborhood and weekend morning walks before the running around begins. The kids always resist, but then always end up loving every minute. Some of our best talks happen on these walks, and eighth grade boys have been known to reach for a hand to hold. I let go and allow those walks to check the exercise box, even if they are on the more leisurely side. Movement, connection, mindfulness - it’s true self-care - and good for all of us. Short walks, long walks, walks in the woods, the burbs or the city - it doesn’t matter. Ditch your phone, grab a friend, a kid, a partner and say - “want to take a walk?”

With love and gratitude,


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