Little Things

One thing I have learned through marriage, motherhood, work and friendship is that small actions make a huge impact on how we feel mentally, physically and emotionally. I have also learned this in my relationship with myself.

"Namaste Moments" (as we coin them around here) are the mini-moments throughout the day that we practice being present and listening. Creating these moments requires slowing down and being present enough to feel what we really need. It means dropping out of our busy heads and screens, and landing in our bodies, our hearts, our guts.

My own Namaste moments are typically a minute or two of intuitive stretching when I get out of bed, a morning hug and kiss for my husband and kids, deep breaths before a tough conference call, a short, but sweet midday walk, neck rolls in a hot shower and tea on my nightstand.

The message I am giving myself in these Namaste moments is ‘I love you (me)’. Nobody else’s great vacation that I get a glimpse of on Instagram or yet another email is as important as taking care of me. And when I’m loving myself, I can love you from a place of fullness and inspiration as opposed to depletion and expiration.

There is a ripple effect to every Namaste moment. I love me, I love you, you love you, you love yours and on and on…. we inspire each other to cultivate this healing energy within us and among us. It comes from the inside-out and the outside-in and around and around and around….

With love and gratitude,


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