Life is Meant to be Lived

I left my three children and my husband at home this week and went to California to spend time with my best friend. Our time together felt like a recalibration and a deeply nourishing retreat. Spending time with someone I love, ‘being’ more and ‘doing’ less was a powerful formula. It allowed me to recover from my packed calendar, refresh my perspective, and have some fun. So simple, but really powerful. Finding the people, places, or experiences that nourish us is an essential part of self-care. We get calls from people all the time saying: “I should be happy, I don’t know why I’m not. My life is great on paper - why am I not OK?” The answers, of course, are complex on the one hand, but a simple, common thread exists. So many of us are starving for something beyond our screens, a superficial social event or accomplishing every ‘to-do’ on the list. We need to slow down and make space for the unknown - the magical experience of being alive and not the ‘doing’ of life. Our mission is to create small, but nourishing self-care experiences throughout our clients daily lives so we can have those tiny escapes and powerful experiences. We believe that sometimes a little bit goes a long way, especially when done consistently. While we may still need to hop on a flight across the country to refill the well or take a day gallery hopping or a weekend hiking in the woods, it’s important to be intentional about these rare and simple pleasures. Life is meant to be lived. With Love and Gratitude,


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