Late Night Self-Care

I had trouble sleeping last night which is unusual for me. In addition to a thousand other things, I am hosting a big family event this weekend, and I am giving an important talk early next week to 300 family offices. Sound familiar? I found myself at a crossroads at 1:30am, with my alarm set for a mere 4 hours later. I had two options: I could get more anxious about the fact that I was not sleeping on top of my already bubbling undercurrents, or, I could accept the reality, be gentle with myself, and practice late night self-care. Sounds so obvious and simple, but not easy. I quietly got out of bed and gathered some essential oils. I took a few drops of oregano to the tongue (strong!) which can enhance the immune system, and then took a few drops of lavender rubbing them on my chest and feet. I put my head back on the pillow, put a hand on my tummy and a hand on my heart and practiced Reiki (our hands are a natural channel of energy whether or not you practice Reiki). I practiced inhaling to the count of 8 and exhaling to the count of 10, with a pause at the top of the inhalation. I went through the “five finger gratitude practice” and thought of five things that I am incredibly grateful for. I took a moment to actually FEEL my gratitude. This specific bundle of loving practices has been built over years of practice and learning to soothe the nervous system and can be done by me, to me, anytime, anywhere. I pull it out all the time, in a variety of different sceneries - at work, with my kids, in my relationship, and for my own energy management. We all need a 'toolkit' that resonates. Self-massage, guided visualization, mantras, stretching… the list of ways we can love ourselves is long. So why is it so hard? I can only imagine that if it’s hard for me, it’s hard for many people. This is why we created Namaste. Our intention is to support you in cultivating a toolkit of wellness and fitness practices that serve you when you are thriving or struggling, young or old, healthy or sick, any hour of the day or night.

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