The Stages of Namaste

Meet the Walkers.

Sarah is referred to Namaste by a trusted friend after mentioning she can’t find a good trainer. After an initial Advisory Session, Sarah starts weekly sessions with a trainer who incorporates some Pilates mat work. She also texts Namaste’s concierge for deep tissue massage and Thai Bodywork from time to time.

Sarah’s husband Greg is training for the marathon and nursing a few injuries. He starts using Namaste for early morning private Yoga and weekend stretching and massage for cross training and recovery.

Namaste supports Sarah and Greg’s children in different ways. Their 12-year-old son is managing ADHD and words with a kids’ meditation and movement teacher on weekend mornings, and their 16-year-old daughter used Namaste to safely recondition after recovering from a lacrosse concussion.

In the summers, Sarah and Greg continue their sessions in the Hamptons and occasionally treat their weekend guests to Sunday morning Group Yoga.

When Sarah’s mother, an avid fitness buff, develops cancer in her late 70’s, Namaste is a trusted resource for appropriate fitness and wellness experiences which help her cope with treatment and enhance her day to day feeling of well being.

Namaste goes above and beyond - at every stage of life. Each person we work with is different - with different needs, different family dynamics, different goals, a different past - we take this all into account during our unique Wellness Advisory process. We meet you and your family where you are, and follow along the way.

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