Doing vs. Feeling

We are all very busy doing things. Big things, small things, important things, and more mundane things. Taking in information, putting out information, focused activities, and distracted activities. All day long, every day. It’s the busiest time on earth, ever. Sometimes we are so busy doing that we forget to feel. This past weekend, I threw a big family party. I was so consumed with my to-do list heading up to the event that I forgot how emotional a gathering of loved ones can be. As we launched into the evening, I was overcome with feelings. I had a hard time being “in” the party as my heart was exploding, and it felt overwhelming for me. It was interesting how these feelings snuck up on me in the climax of the evening. I felt so much that it became an out-of-body experience. Reflecting back it’s hard for me to remember the details. It made me think about how there is so much doing, every day, and not necessarily a climactic moment to manifest such feeling. So where are all of our feelings hiding? Are we too busy to actually feel them? Making space for nothing, for boredom, for ideas, creativity, even sadness - making space to feel life - this is the other half of all the doing. How do we make space for nothing? How do we become more “embodied”? I know for me, I plug in my phone out of sight and far away. I lie on the floor, take a walk, a bath, or doodle in a journal. Sometimes it’s wonderful, and sometimes it feels very uncomfortable.

Last week, I didn’t make time for nothing, and I wish I had. When I do, I feel like I am in the heart of self-care, in tune with the weather patterns inside myself for better or worse. When I am in my own skin, I can feel, and tuning into those feelings helps me navigate in a grounded, embodied way. So let’s “do” more of nothing! :)

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