An Army of Healers

Our practice as a business is to support people in healing, getting stronger, unraveling… whatever the situation calls for. My work personally is to be a guide along the path of self-care and make meaningful wellness plans and connections between our clients and our team of experts. Our wellness pros are lightworkers, in service daily. They are an army of healers. Our clients are extraordinary humans - intelligent, kind, and on a path to greater well-being. I’m humbled and honored to do this work with these people, on both sides. We work with children, adults, and the elderly - healthy and sick, mind and body. Being in ‘the business of the healing arts’ is an interesting practice. Sometimes challenging (I’m learning to be brave and out of my comfort zone), other times completely fluid and natural. I suppose many practices are that way. It’s the “selling” part that I find hard, I prefer to give. That said, I need to recommend and "sell" the value of our services in order to survive, so I do. Last spring I “sold” chair yoga, breathing and meditation to a woman in her 70’s who has Parkinson’s disease. I could barely stand the sales process, but I knew that this work would be powerful for her. It was not easy, but this lovely woman ended up scheduling 2x week standing yoga appointments. We have been in touch throughout, but she just hit the 6-month mark in her work with Namaste. She called me earlier this week to tell me that she feels the best she has felt since her diagnosis 5 years ago and attributes this 100% to her twice-weekly yoga and meditation sessions. I remind myself daily that although we are a “business,” our primary intention, above all, is to leverage our experience and our army of healers to make lives better. We are truly here to serve.

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