4 Pillars of Namaste Gift Guide: Touch

Introducing the 4 Pillars of Namaste Gift Guide Series! Each week of the holiday season, we'll be sharing gift guides highlighting the 4 Pillars of Namaste: Touch, Stillness, Nourishment, & Movement.

1. Namaste New York Personalized In-Home Massage Session (Starting at $285)

For anyone and everyone! Namaste's highly curated team of certified massage therapists deliver extraordinary in-home or in-office massage and bodywork. Choose from 60, 75, or 90 minutes of pure bliss.

2. Aesop Breathless Hydrating Body Treatment Oil ($35)

A Vitamin E-rich hydrating body treatment oil enhanced with nut oil extracts, to nourish, soften, and replenish dry skin. Yes, please.

3. Cryofuel Whole Body Cryotherapy Session ($75 Per Session)

Think of Cryotherapy as the new and improved "ice bath." During the 3 chilly minutes you'll spend in the chamber, the body will draw blood to the heart and vital organs where it will become more oxygenated and nutrient dense. Once that blood is pumped back through your body it reduces inflammation, improves muscle tissue recovery and boosts your immune system. Perfect for the "exercise buff" or for just anyone to hit reset!

4. Onda Beauty Oxygen Glow Facial ($300)

Gift glowing skin this holiday season with the Oxygen Glow Facial from Onda Beauty, designed as a nourishing treatment to stimulate new collagen growth, while soothing and restoring the skin after exposure to the elements. Oxygen infusions include antibacterial, brightening, moisturizing, Vitamin C, and collagen.

5. Cannuka Beauty & Health Collection ($138)

Leave your skin refreshed, repaired, and protected – from head to toe, with a silky soft touch and clean, fresh scent. Enjoy all the the natural benefits and powerful antioxidants in hemp and Manuka honey. It's their complete collection - all in one!

Stay tuned for next week's gift guide, the second part in our series and one of the 4 Pillars of Namaste: Nourishment.

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