4 Pillars of Namaste Gift Guide: Nourishment

Part 2 of the the 4 Pillars of Namaste Gift Guide Series is here: NOURISHMENT.

1. Namaste New York Customized In-Home Nutrition Coaching Session (Starting at $285)

The best complement to a yoga or strength training session. Gift an in-home Nutrition Coaching Session to create a nourishing, lasting holistic self-care practice. Our Nutritionists are the best of the best and work to create custom, one-of-a-kind plans help you reach your wellness goals.

2. Whitney Museum of American Art Annual Membership (Starting at $90)

Gift a nourishing experience - an annual membership to the Whitney! Just in time for the new Andy Warhol exhibit, this membership includes unlimited access and free admission, 50% off general admission tickets for your guests, celebratory Member Nights throughout the year, and early admission on select weekend mornings. And more!

3. Provenance Organic Meal Delivery Gift Card (Starting at $200)

For the one that wants to eat clean, but doesn't have the time or the desire to cook. Or for the one who just simply hates grocery shopping. Gift enticing, chef-prepared dishes - no meal planning or cooking required! This is a no-brainer. Better yet, purchase a $200+ giftcard, and get a $50 bonus giftcard to spend on yourself (for a limited time!).

4. Juice Press Gift Card (Name your price!)

Hungry? Grab a juice. Thirsty? Grab a juice. Need a pick-me-up? Grab a juice. Want to start your day off right? Grab a juice. Reset your digestive system? Grab a juice. Want to give the best gift at your holiday party? Gift a Juice (Press). You get the picture.

5. Moon Juice Beauty Shroom Vegan Collagen Protection ($58)

Just like the name says! Preserve your natural collagen while hydrating skin from the inside out. Nourishing and detoxifying, this creamy supplement helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while protecting skin from free radical damage (ie. that harsh NYC air!).

Stay tuned for next week's gift guide, the third part in our series and one of the 4 Pillars of Namaste: Stillness.

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