The Anchor

I can easily fall into a bit of a whirling frenzy this time of year - overwhelmed with the number of people I want to recognize in my life. I want to make each and every person - from my children to our clients to our wellness professionals and my garbagemen know that I am grateful for their place in my world. Holiday gifting becomes another stressful ‘to-do,’ until it's during my morning meditation that I remember… Our hands are an extension of our hearts, and everyone we touch receives our love and intention energetically. When we bring consciousness to this - it becomes more powerful, even palpable. During this holiday season with each card, gift, or gesture we are drawing an invisible line from our own hearts to whom it is we are loving or recognizing. When we remember this (and even visualize this line) throughout the process - the deciding what to give, the wrapping and coordinating, and the ultimate gifting - the experience itself becomes a gift, and immediately less stressful. While the seasonal tensions and ‘to-do’s’ may be inevitable, the remembering is our anchor and transforms it into a gift itself. So let’s give, practice, remember and connect with love and intention throughout this season and beyond.

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